Where I Am Now…


August 28, 2014 by Robin

I’ve had a number of new followers in the recent past.  So glad you found my blog helpful!  I wanted to make sure you knew where to find me now.

Updated occasionally…for stroke only: Rocky Mountain Stroke Survivor

Updated regularly…for life in general (because my stroke is such a small piece of our rather complicated lives): Our Own Flavor.

Hope you come visit in one of my other homes! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Where I Am Now…

  1. yukiko says:

    Hi Robin..hope u are doing fine.im reading ur blog right on my hospital bed..ur post are so enlightening n inspiring for some people like me this moment of time.i am in my 30’s and i am a doctor too.. having ? TIA last year.. and now a ? stroke..still puzzled as tests were fine except clinically things left me with left hemiparesis with power of 4/5..but my background history with mitral repair previously.. grey and shadowy as it seems for me now.. but ur stories show me some lights as how to foresee life ahead of me..thanks.. love from Malaysia.

    • Robin says:

      Hi Yukiko, and welcome. Sorry you are in the hospital and without a clear explanation! I hope you recover quickly and get some answers soon.

      • yukiko says:

        Thanks..that’s really quick.. i had sudden onset of left sided body weakness few days a ago while preparing myself for work.. i lost a grip of my water tumbler while working a day before.. ignoring the obvious..or denying the facts?? that’s lead me here in the hospital..

      • Robin says:

        I’m not always so fast! Happen to be nursing my daughter and wasting time on my phone. 🙂 If you skip back to the beginning you’ll see I also waited to go in. We make the worst patients! My lesions only showed up on an MRI with contrast. And of course the CTA initially and two MRAs they’ve done since then to monitor that the clot is stabilized (but still there).

        The fatigue is really the worst part with recovery. I’ll post my fatigue scale on my other stroke blog soon.

  2. yukiko says:

    Couldn’t agree more..we make the worst patients.. will have more tests to do.. MRI/MRA to follow.. wish me luck…

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Yes, I'm a doctor; no, this blog IS NOT intended to be medical advice of any sort. I am writing about my own experiences and opinions and pulling together things I find out as I go along to process what's happening to me and in the hopes it helps someone else.
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