_IGP3510Little did I know when my husband took this photo of my two children and I a few days before Christmas that the new year would bring something none of us were expecting: a stroke.  I had dissected my vertebral artery about three weeks before but didn’t realize the ongoing neck pain and headaches were due to this.  The outgoing year had brought a new baby, a new medical practice, our tenth anniversary and my 31st birthday.  The incoming year…well, that’s what this blog is all about.

I used to keep a blog about our efforts to raise our children well and live a sustainable life.  Naturally, I still want to do both; at the same time, my focus has changed drastically and I needed a new blog to reflect that.  Welcome back to anyone who followed me here.

Update: I’m back to writing about my family in addition to my strokes so I’ve moved again. Come visit me at Our Own Flavor


6 thoughts on “About

  1. James Poole says:

    I had a hemorraghic stroke in March of 2011. Best wishes for your recovery!

  2. Jackie says:

    As a massive stroke(Jan. 2008).
    And hemicraniectomy
    Survivor at age 38. I am deeply relieved
    To find your blog and am
    Looking forward to getting a chance
    To hunker down and explore your blog& shared experiences.

    • Robin says:

      Welcome Jackie. Head over the Rocky Mountain Stroke Survivor as well. There are a number of bloggers, many compiled in the Stroke Tattler, who write on the subject. So sorry about your strokes and welcome to the bloggy community

    • Robin says:

      So glad you’ve found the strokey blogging community!

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Yes, I'm a doctor; no, this blog IS NOT intended to be medical advice of any sort. I am writing about my own experiences and opinions and pulling together things I find out as I go along to process what's happening to me and in the hopes it helps someone else.
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